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Wanted - Oregon Artisans & Craftsmen Products

Launching Oregon Products Marketing Sales Portal


  • Our mission is to showcase Oregon products.  Specialize in offering Oregon art, photography, crafts, outdoor gear and unique products to our customers nationally.  Social Media marketing and secure SSL website to showcase artisans products.
  • *NEW* so offerings are sparse right now.
  • Multi sales/buy channels to promote Oregon artisans
    • Google Product Search
    • Amazon Marketplace
    • Instagram images w/buy links
    • Pinterest buzz

Regrettably, I'm not artistic or crafty. I struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler!  I would act as a marketing middleman to promote your items & support sales/marketing/promotion of unique Oregon products. Most artisans prefer to focus on their craft & the sales/promotion part often detracts. This is where I come in.

Hopefully of some interest. If like to learn how we will showcase your art or craft, please download our outline OAAmarketingapp.pdf  We would enjoy hearing from you. Use our Contact form with a brief summary of products.


About Me

USAF Veteran, Honorable discharge, Top Secret “need to know” from Uncle Sam, Air Traffic Controller, 20+ yr Vida home owner, Biz owner in the Telecommunications Industry selling high-speed services to company’s nationwide.

Admin & Websites Webmaster corporate site Friends of Our Rivers Group admin support site creation pending funds

Hope to hear from you soon.

Oregon Art and Apparel

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